Strategic infrastructure projects

New infrastructures needs are planned by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport in the Infrastructure Annex to the Economic and Financial Document (DEF). It is the national strategic document on transport infrastructures and the new version of it, signed in 2015, shows Italy to be better connected to Europe and to Mediterranean transport system with the key target to focus on useful infrastructure projects rather than implementing unnecessary large projects. The document contains the Strategic Infrastructures Program for 2015, selecting 32 useful projects of National and European interest.

These are infrastructures necessary for promoting Italian competitiveness and smart mobility in urban areas, to which is given the greatest possible priority. In this perspective, the main choice made is that of the “track”, focusing on both underground and rail transport network. As concerns the other infrastructure projects of the National transport network, Minister Graziano Delrio has identified as main tool the Multi-annual Planning Document (DPP), on which He is currently working with the Presidents of Regions, which includes and made it fully consistent all national investment plans and programs for existing public infrastructure projects,  on the basis of shared priorities such as:

  • cost/benefit analysis
  • already identified projects
  • financial and economic feasibility.

The intention is to give strong preference to normal rather than special procedures for the implementation of Strategic infrastructures and more generally public projects.

Furthermore, at European level, the Ministry promotes sustainable investment projects in urban areas and National Operational Program for Research and Competitiveness (PON) aiming at improving Italian location in the Mediterranean Basin, through projects for the setting up a logistical platform acting as the bridge of Europe towards the Mediterranean Sea.

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Data di pubblicazione: 31/08/2016