Maritime sector

The Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport is focusing on planning, funding and developing the Italian Ports, performing supervisory tasks on Port Authorities for the implementation of infrastructure programs. The tasks performed by the Ministry also include port services and activities, as well as works in ports. The Ministry also issues the general framework and the master plan of ports within its field of direct competence.

The National Strategic Plan for Ports and Logistics (PSNPL) has been issued in order to improve competitiveness and development of maritime traffics, to promote intermodality for freight, that is, the transport of goods loaded in containers which can be easily shifted from road (trains, road vehicles) to sea.

The key aim of this plan is the re-launch of the sector through the added value of the maritime system so that increasing the movement of cargo and passengers by sea.

The integrated strategy so outlined, aims at strengthening  the role of  Italy in the Mediterranean Sea and international trade by carrying out infrastructure works in Italian Ports as well as improving sea and land accessibilities to them.

Among the tools capable of making maritime system more efficient, the following actions can be included:

  • administrative simplification
  • efficient customs clearance and controls
  • promotion of intermodality and “last mile” connections
  • the attraction of new investments for the modernization of port infrastructures.

These are goals to be reached through a greater national coordination as well as rationalization of maritime policies.

The Ministry also promotes particular programs on maritime sector aiming at financing extraordinary maintenance works for Italian Ports falling within the competence of Italian State and not included in the territorial jurisdiction of Port Authorities.

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Data di pubblicazione: 31/08/2016