Summit of the Western Balcans Process. Ministers of Transport Summit


12 July 2017 – It was held today the Summit of the Ministers of Transport,  chaired by the Italian Deputy Minister Riccardo Nencini. Within the fourth  Summit of the Western Balcans Process, the exchange of information between  traffic police forces and firm commitment on road safety issue, paying special attention to the  road accidents caused by lorries,  are the two key topics of the Transport Community Treaty signed at the end of the Summit.

"It was a very important Forum”-  stated the Deputy Minister, attending the signing of the Treaty on behalf of Italy - because  it took ten years to prepare a Treaty capable of bringing together the six Western Balcans Countries and which was signed not by chance in Trieste, today, a city with two souls: a Central-European town par excellence and an Italian town. We have received the congratulations from Commissioner Bulc: we have addressed road safety issue, proposing, inter alia, a series of measures linked to our national Highway Code, starting with the penalties for those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as increasing sanctions for those using smartphones, tablets and similar devices while driving. It was a very good Summit on the whole”.

The first key topic of the Treaty focused on the exchange of information between the  States; the second key topic focused on Road Haulage Transport, “because trucks- as Nencini stated-  are involved in the most serious road accidents in Europe, for a total cost of 100 billion euros, as the Commissioner Bulc pointed out”.

Among the operational proposals submitted in the Summit, there is the cooperation between the Police Forces of Kosovo and Albania, “which represents, in some ways – as Nencini said - a significant news: a form of agreement to be started in summer time has been defined and published, which is a period of great tourist flow also for them and thus requiring major attention and I think that this agreement can also be extended to the other four signatory Countries”. The Treaty on Infrastructures, has concluded Nencini “will prepare some of these Countries for the Union membership”. 

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