The "Road Alliance" on the European truck drivers was signed in Paris

31 January 2017 – The “Road Alliance” was signed in Paris. The European Memorandum  introduced  new regulations on the European Road Haulage, aiming at promoting an integrated policy for the protection of workers’ social rights, as well as improving road safety.
Nine Countries are the signatories: Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden,  which committed themselves to promoting cooperation in order to provide better quality of checks in the road transport sector.

New regulations on light commercial vehicles have also been included in the Agreement, because these vehicles, still today, are exempted from the rules governing the access to the profession at European level: “Italy paved the way in Europe for the introduction of regulations on light commercial vehicles having already regulated this matter in 2012”-  the Undersecretary for Transport Simona Vicari  stated. She signed the Agreement today in the afternoon together with the other eight Ministers of the other Countries. “Italy has adopted a forward-looking approach - the Undersecretary said - creating the conditions for a healthy competition between companies, laying the foundations for defining action which represents one of the most innovative aspects of the sector’s legislation”.

More specifically, besides paying particular attention to the cabotage issue, the Road Alliance also aims at fighting social dumping through the promotion of a fair competition and through various actions, inter alia, the implementation of the E-CmR document which facilitates the controls on the right outcome of transport as well as reducing the administrative burden for companies and the adoption of new practices ensuring a proper alternation between driving times and rest periods. The key objective is to ensure a sound  work-life balance for truck drivers, with less work-related stress and more safety on our roads.

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Data di pubblicazione: 16/02/2017