G7 Transport Ministerial Meeting, Cagliari, 21-22 June

What does it mean for  the G7 countries the social value of  transport infrastructures?

What  the seven  countries are doing to promote automated guided vehicles running on  smart roads?

These are the issues which the G7 Transport  under the Italian Presidency will address during the Summit that will take  on June 21 and 22 in Cagliari – Sardinia.   The Ministerial Meeting on Transport  will be chaired by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio,

Summer main topic:

To engage on the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV ) in continuing with  the previous  meeting in 2016 in Karuizawa, Nagano (Japan) under the Japanese presidency;

For the first time,  the  G7  Italy will focus on social cohesion, inclusiveness and sustainability of infrastructures;

Transport infrastructures: a problem or opportunity for territories?

Transport  is a way to  meet  a need for mobility rights, but how?

Conference working sessions: After the arrival of delegations from  the seven ministers on  June 21, G7 Transport will start officially the following day at the former  Manifattura Tabacchi  in Cagliari, Headquarters of the G7 Transport.

There will be three sessions :  the  morning’s session  will  be on the social role of infrastructures, sustainability and programming. In the afternoon the participants will share the best practices on  infrastructures and sustainable transports  The discussion during last session will cover connected Technologies and  automated guidance.

G7Gallery", exhibition  will be held  at former  Manifattura  Tabacchi, organized by Mit in collaboration with ItaliaCamp. It will display the best Italian practices selected under  a specific call;"Nice to Meet You G7".

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