Delrio, FCA emissions case: "A sovereign Country like Italy cannot accept orders"


16 January 2017 - “The German proposal is not acceptable, a sovereign Country like Italy cannot accept orders”. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport at 8.00 pm TG1 news regarding the emissions and FCA case. "The Italian Approval Authority is the one appointed to decide upon the correctness of the devices and we have established the regularity of the device exactly like they established the Volkswagen irregularity. It deals with relations between good neighbours who respect themselves. We have nothing to hide and the data is available to the European Commission, which has set up a mediation table. But we do not accept impositions due to election campaign reasons or due to the tensions internal to a Country”

The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport has written this evening to the European Commissioner for Industry and Market Elżbieta Bieńkowska  requesting clarifications regarding  the statements attributed to the European Commission on the behaviour of Italy with respect to the FCA emissions case and reaffirmed the correctness of Italian work.

Data di ultima modifica: 19/01/2017
Data di pubblicazione: 17/01/2017