Motorway investments and motorway tolls’ control

Delrio e Vestager

5 July 2017 – “Today, we reached in Brussels an very important agreement in principle and  in full compliance with the European rules, in order to ensure growth and competition, strategic investments on motorway networks and control of the motorway tolls”. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, following the meeting with the European Commissioner for Competition, Margarethe Vestager.

“We have worked in the closest cooperation - stated Delrio - and Italy proved to be a reliable cooperation partner fully respecting the EU rules”.

The roadmap,  coming out from the meeting held today, after months of steady contacts, is divided into several parts.

First of all, the investments for promoting economic growth and competition have been planned,  protecting   consumers against unbearable tolls as well as slowing down the increase in charges which will be no more than 0,5% of the annual inflation rate.

It has been planned to open up the strategic projects to be carried out on the TEN-T Network, for a total amount of 10 billion euros, with the key purpose of completing motorway network. These are key projects already included in the Annex to the Economic and Financial Document (DEF 2017) of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport “Connecting Italy” and listed below: in the Liguria Region,  the Genoa link road; in the Piedmont Region the completion of Asti-Cuneo motorway-axis; in the Tuscany and Emilia Regions, the implementation of the third and fourth route of the  A1 Motorway Axis, which will strengthen economic sector’s  performances.  

The year 2030  has been fixed as final deadline for the implementation of a Northern-West integrated Network, formed of Turin-Milan, Turin-Piacenza, Turin-Ivrea and Asti-Cuneo highway axis.

We ensured the respect of the principles of the Internal market by tendering in a short time the motorway concessions for the implementation of the Turin-Ivrea and Turin-Piacenza highway axis. A revision of the concessions has also been planned with a four-years  maximum extension,  perfectly in line with the European standards, for the Turin-Milan highway axis and “Autostrade per l’Italia” actions in order to ensure the slowdown in rates’ increase.

Last, but not least, there was a positive response from the Commission for the works to be carried out on “Autostrada dei Parchi” motorway, for a total amount of 2,5 billion euros,  aiming at making transport infrastructures safer after the earthquake event.

The roadmap paves the way to a notification of State aids which Italian Government will deposit with the Commission in short term and on which the Commission  will have to express its comments.

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Data di pubblicazione: 20/09/2017