Air Transport, Ryanair presented its 2017 industrial plan to MIT

17 August 2016 – The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, together with the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’ Leary, and the President of Enac (National Civil Aviation Authority), Vito Riggio, have presented this morning the Ryanair Development Plan for 2017 in Italy, following the policies adopted by the Government .

“The Italian Government – Minister Delrio said – is continuing the steady compliance with European Laws in order to increase the air services provided to citizens and create opportunities for all investors”.  

“We therefore welcome the Ryanair 2017 Industrial Plan, which provides an increase of the number of flights,  major opportunities for tourism development in Italy and above all -concluded Delrio - more job opportunities”.

Among the measures approved by the Government, there are the recent revision of the guidelines on incentives  to air carriers in order to promote air sector’s  development , the choices made on airport charges and, last but not least, the outcome of the meeting held in   MIT with Enav’s trade unions.

“Air Transport Development is a key target for supporting the economic growth of the whole Country system.” The President of Enac, Vito Riggio, said :"We are living in a time – he continued – in which air transport and its regulations should necessarily refer to the European model rather than their national one, while respecting the fair competition and the rights of passengers. The Ryanair development plans as well as those of the other air carriers operating in Italy represent for Enac  an important opportunity for growth and a renewed commitment in order to strengthen air safety and security as well as improving the quality of the air services provided”.

“We are extremely grateful to Premier Renzi and the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Delrio,  for having undertaken such measures to increase foreign tourism in Italy” the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, said. “Minister Delrio has asked air companies to set up development plans while the Italian Government is acting to improve Italian airports’ competition – continued – and Ryanair is proud to be the first airline company to announce investments for a total amount of one billion US dollars in new aircrafts, new routes and the increase in new air traffic as well as creating new jobs for 2017 in Italy. Moreover, the announced closing of the Pescara air hub has been avoided and it will be possible to buy tickets for the concerned flights during this week, negotiations on Alghero airport are continuing and we are quite confident to conclude an agreement by the end of September, which would allow the opening of the air base within November. Through the opening of more than forty new routes and investments for more than 1 billion US Dollars – concluded O’ Leary – Ryanair expects to reach record growth levels in 2017.

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Data di pubblicazione: 09/12/2016