34° Intergovernmental Summit between Italy and France: Bilateral Meeting between Transport Ministers Delrio and Borne

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27 September 2017 – The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, participated today in the 34° Intergovernmental Summit between Italy and France in Lyon, holding a bilateral Meeting with the Minister in charge of Transport Elisabeth Borne.

Minister Delrio stressed a “positive convergence of intentions” on the various agenda items. "I am extremely satisfied with the results achieved – said Minister Delrio – which show the sharing of a new national planning method for the implementation of useful projects”.

"The strategic importance of the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway line has been clearly confirmed – Minster Delrio said -, which fully meets the need for a more sustainable transport system. A working table between the two Ministries will be established, also including the Commissioner of the Mediterranean Corridor, Jan Brinkhorst, in order to follow the financial allocation and the European funding”.

With regard to the Turin-Lyon railway line, Minister Delrio reminded in the bilateral meeting that as for Italy, works are going on and that the “ funding procedure has been completed and the resources for the implementation of the first and second lots already allocated until 2022”.

Ministers Delrio and Borne also agreed on the exchange of best practices on the planning of transport policy. In this regard, a joint seminar will be organized by the two transport Ministries by the end of 2017,  in order to illustrate the new Italian Strategy on mobility “Connecting Italy” focusing on the shift in freight transport from road to rail.

Furthermore both Ministers expressed their satisfaction for the progress of the works for the implementation of the Col de Tende Road Tunnel and for the Frejus Tunnel as well as for the starting of the updating activities on the Cuneo-Breil-Ventimiglia railway link, according to the 1970 Convention.

Among the European issues of common interest, the two Ministers focused in particular on road transport sector and aviation sectors. As for the road transport sector, they shared the need to ensure fair competition, to fight against fraud and abuses and to enhance road safety. As for the aviation transport sector, Italy and France shared the objective of developing a legal instrument really effective, capable of ensuring a fair competition between the European airlines and those of the third Countries, evaluating at the same time the opportunity of a greater flexibility in terms of ownership and access to the air carriers’ capital, in line with the view expressed by the Commission in its Communication of December 2015 on “Aviation Strategy for Europe”

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